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Kouba Drilling is a Wisconsin drilling company of incomparable drilling experience and capabilities. Our drilling company in Wisconsin has a 100 year long heritage of performance and accomplishment providing contract drilling services for commercial, residential, environmental, construction, geothermal and water supply.

No matter what your drilling application, Kouba drilling provides a timely and affordable solution to your Wisconsin drilling requirements. We provide free estimates and proposals that contain all the necessary details you need to evaluate your drilling costs.

Over 100 years of well drilling experience

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Our well drilling services utilize GPS coordinates in order to tell exactly where your well will be located. Our truck fleet ensures there's always someone available to service you and your well. We stand behind every well we dig, and stand hand in hand with the DNR to give you a quality well. It's not about poking a hole in the ground, it's about architectural savvy, and the art of well drilling. due to the amount of underground caves in this area, experience is key to a successful well dig.


Goethermal Well Drilling Information

Geothermal heating is one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool a residential or commercial building. More and more people are discovering the benefits of a geothermal system that taps the relatively constant temperature of the Earth. Kouba Drilling in Wisconsin provides high quality, low cost, geothermal drilling services.



Commercial Well Drilling Information

Our commercial drilling equipment and facilities are the best, which is essential to bringing the best commercial drilling service to our Wisconsin customers. Our drilling company has such broad background that there's no commercial drilling problem that can’t be solved. Our commercial drilling reputation guarantees great commercial drilling service!



Residential Well Drilling Information

Our well drilling knowledge of state and local codes can be a valuable well drilling resource when you require a new or replacement well. Our drilling rigs can accommodating a large range of drilling needs. Kouba drilling can tackle almost any size or type of residential well drilling project you can come up with.



Commercial Well Drilling Information

Our commercial turbine line shaft services
are commonly used for agricultural and industrial applications. Line Shaft Turbines are driven by a hollow shaft motor that sits above the ground surface. The turbine pump will be submersed in an open body of water, or well. The hollow shaft motor and turbine pump are connected with shafting running from the motor to the pump with bearings every ten feet called spider bearings. A line shaft turbine pump is considered to be the longest lasting and most maintenance free pump type, this is why they are often chosen for agricultural and industrial drilling customers.


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